enhance your expectancies
our vision

each existing wind farm can be re-developed to maximize IRR

redevelopment consists of unlocking the hidden potential that the site specific conditions are allowing

by means of life extension and performance improvement

wind assets
a prize for experts
independent + multitechnology
active asset management strategy + adequate tools
deep knowledge and expertise
from 20 to 40 years of life expectancy
average IRR of 20%
life extension leaders
engineering ISP with background in turbine OEMs
with the know-how & know-why of turbine design
pioneers and reference in life extension
bringing to wind energy the lessons learned from other mature technological sectors
independent + multitechnology
deep knowledge and expertise
Ruben Ruiz de Gordejuela
Managing Director & Founder
Gaia Arnaboldi
Berry Polmann
Member of the Board
Eder Murga
Head of Life Extension
Ahmed Moussa
Head of Business
Alfonso San Emeterio
Head of Life Extension
life extension analysis
to see what is visible
comprehensive inspections for evaluation of current status
specialized, qualified and independent
baseline for life extension calculations
engineering-minded inspections
carried out by same nabla engineers that will do Life Analysis
beyond standards; based on the expertise on what and where to look
on site inspections
details make the difference
only class A analysis (uncertainty <15%) can lead to effective life extension and release hidden potential
needs an independent and multitechnology approach

• specific inspections and measurements (3Dlaserscan, UT)

• detailed, specific and validated aeroelastic models

• wind per direction needs to be measured & characterized in detail

• detailed analysis of SCADAs and transient events

• most comprehensive extreme and fatigue analysis

• uncertainties monitored and controlled

asset redevelopment
increasing efficiency
life extension identifies the hidden potential for power upgrades, unlocking maximum power upgrade combined with life extension based on the margin that the site specific conditions are allowing safe and covered by certification evaluating, ordering and implementing a battery of solutions:

• reblading

• extenders

• retipping

• hyper lifting devices

• re-controlling

• sensorics upgrades

condition based maintenance
giving containment, corrective and preventive actions
providing specific damage mitigation strategies
adaptation of inspection protocols focusing on high risk components
O&M optimization based on site conditions
AMP (Ageing Management Plan) per component to optimize maintenance protocols
based on nabla maintenance engineering
aeroelastic loads and damage analysis taken into account
monitoring, modelling, controlling and mitigating ageing effects
protecting assets
based on the knowledge of the causes of life consumption nabla wind power configures the most surgical operation strategies to protect the assets
via advanced WSM – wind sector management, using a battery of possible enablers:

• controller set-ups

• sensoric systems upgrades

• aerodynamic add-ons

optimizing WSM
increasing AEP
lessons learned
pure data analytics tools do not match market expectations
reactive learning data systems wait to be taught by experience
cannot predict failures that have not occurred before
not able to identify failure modes or track root causes either
real multitechnology fleets must be covered by these tools
they must provide independent and direct visibility to asset owners
they do not deliver the understanding of the performance
data owned by operators are very poor base for work

• limited in frequency:10 min samples (while OEMs have the rest)

• limited in channels and variables : especially in mature turbine models

solution based on knowledge
turbines are 95% physics
data analytics need to be linked with design criteria of the turbines
physic models predict failure modes patterns and track root causes
existing limited SCADA needs to be used in most intelligent way, not only for machine learning
need to bring an independent, easy to understand, transparent and multitechnology tool for active asset management
monitoring asset performance, structural risks, life consumption and cash flows in detail
hybrid data analytics combines SCADA with physical models:
medical sector smartdata solution
creates baselines and KPIs for health surveillance for each individual based on physical models

based on individual specific conditions

based on genetics and congenital factors

carries out periodic tests and analysis comparison with

comparing real performance with baselines for proper health surveillance and launch of actions

creates baselines and KPIs for performance and structural health based on physical models

based on site specific conditions

based on design characteristics

carries out SCADA and maintenance records comparison with baselines

comparing real performance with baselines for proper health surveillance and launch of actions

4 multi-level dashboards: revenues, health, life and extreme events
single app for the fleet: independent (no OEM) and multitechnology
24/7 multi platform web
focused on detecting limiting factors for revenues
monitoring detailed turbines performance, life consumption, health and extreme loads
providing direct inputs and alerts for maintenance teams in real time
based only on SCADA data available by operators
understanding real turbines performance with nabla independent aeroelastic models
business plan reestructuring
upgrade of the business plan associated to redevelopment
evaluating the impact of the investment plan associated to life extension
taking into account enhanced incomes associated to improvement
leading to the final identification of the sane financial target life for the asset
taking as inputs all the technical assements and improvements
completing a holistic approach for effective asset redevelopment
owner’s experts
assessing our clients to protect their interests:

• independent and multitechnology experts to empower client’s position when dealing with key suppliers and stakeholders

• specialized and certified technical analysis are key factor for arbitrations and negotiations

• nabla’s “root cause analysis” grant accurate forensic report to support client’s demands towards any other liable party

• deep technical knowledge to provide excellent risk assessment when developing, managing or redeveloping wind farms

• nabla is an excellent partner for any private or public entity dealing with wind energy, contributing to grant sustainability and energy efficiency

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