asset redevelopment

increasing efficiency

nabla wind power identifies the hidden potential for power upgrades, unlocking maximum power production, combined with life extension, based on the margin that the site specific conditions are allowing.

covered by certification evaluating, ordering and implementing a battery of solutions:

• reblading

• extenders

• retipping

• re-controlling

• other tailored solutions

predictive and condition based maintenance

giving containment, corrective and preventive actions by providing specific damage mitigation strategies

adaptation of inspection protocols focusing on high risk components, O&M optimization based on site conditions, AMP (Ageing Management Plan) per component to optimize maintenance protocols

all this based on nabla maintenance engineering, aeroelastic models and damage analysis, taking into account monitoring, modelling, controlling and mitigating ageing effects

optimizing WSM and increasing AEP

based on the knowledge of the causes of life consumption, nabla wind power configures the most surgical operation strategies to protect the assets via advanced WSM (Wind Sector Management), using a battery of possible enablers:

• controller set-ups

• sensoric systems upgrades

• aerodynamic add-ons