most advanced anemometrics for wind farm profit maximization

imagine your life without high quality vision

why wind knowledge is wind power?

wind measurements from nacelle anemometers are untrustworthy due to their position behind the rotor wake, it measures wind with too high uncertainty due to increased turbulence thus even best calibrated transfer functions provide too poor result

turbine controller struggles with low quality data for turbine governance, resulting in inadequate performance and failure risks, SCADA data based on such limited wind measurements are a very poor and uncertain source of information for turbines performance monitoring

what if… advanced anemometrics with iSpin would allow the turbines to see the wind?

redevelopment enabler

iSpin contributes to unlocking years of power production through a triple effect in life extension, improving accuracy in wind measurement, enabling of HQHDa monitoring and and reducing adverse loads

this solution provides an increase of AEP switching from existing conservative WSM strategies to advanced WSM strategies that lower downtime power, avoid startup and stops, prevents unnecessary downgrading or stopping, and reducing failure rates

nabla wind power and romowind safeguard owners production through detailed and trustworthy power curves monitoring

asset management optimizer

iSpin becomes key to save opex through optimal monitoring in complex terrain, given transparency across the fleet and unifying performance monitoring baselines

a single technology delivering true real time advanced wind measurements, making scada trustable, by reducing false positives and detecting hidden negatives in order to efficiently manage the risk

iSpin corrects yaw misalignment, lowering loads on your turbines, avoiding distortion on power curve measurement, resulting on more energy and reduction of failure rates