sustainability and benefits

bet for sustainability

life extension contributes to lower up to 50% of equivalent CO2 footprint per MW installed/decommissioned

nabla solutions will minimize the LCOE of the wind farm and the levelized CO2 footprint across the entire lifespan of your assets

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enviromental impact

erection and decommissioning create a big environmental impact, as some components cannot be recycled properly nowadays

the market is not prepared to deal right now with such amount of waste and life extension gives a margin of time to meet this need

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social integration, health and safety

nabla knowledge on the behaviour of wind turbines contributes to a safer operation for workers and for their environment

by sustaining old fleets jobs of the people in small towns and villages are extended, sustaining local workshops for repairs of components

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just the first step

nabla is part of the companies working for a clean and sustainable energy, for a decentralized power production and decentralized socio-economic network, for a higher quality of life and a better respect and integration in our environment

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