maintenance optimization

reliability models

complete the vision of the future

key tool for selecting optimal maintenance strategy per component

dividing the components per different categories: structural, operational and HSE

modeling IM - Infant Mortality, RAN - Random and FTG - Fatigue

delivering both failure rates distribution plus O&M costs distributions

unique and most complete tool in the market for supporting asset opex optimization

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maintenance FMECA

upgrading the long term maintenance

P90 results translation into specific actions in O&M by means of a maintenance FMECA - Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis combining the expertise in load vectors and components substructure load paths and materials describing boundary conditions for structural performance and affection level providing the long term containment, corrective and preventive actions

analyzing the existing maintenance practices and upgrading the long term maintenance protocols with FMECA recommendations

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damage mitigation

protecting the assets

based on the findings of P90 life analysis the specific operation strategies are designed to protect the turbines against non-detected extreme loads, non-detected extreme blade deflections and aggressive life consumption

by means of using advanced WSM - Wind Sector Management strategies

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ageing management plan

advanced maintenance engineering

AMPs - Ageing Management Plan for refining O&M protocols on the critical components for redevelopment or RCA analysis based on:

- FEM - Finite Element Modeling
- FEA - Finite Element Analysis
- damage tolerance analysis: critical crack identification and crack propagation patterns modeling
- optimization of maintenance protocols: reducing the costs in inspections due to knowledge in structural performance definition of reinforcements

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