P80/P90 life analysis

P90 full life analysis

flagship of all redevelopment

based on most detailed wind conditions analysis per direction, taking into account real operation and transients from SCADA and evaluating the impact in life associated to changes in operation

the most comprehensive load analysis of all situations, deriving extreme loads, blade deflections and fatigue life expectancy per unit, per component and per type of material

identifying the scope of retrofits and investments to be done in O&M for different life extension scenarios and evaluating associated uncertainties in the inputs, process and results by means of detailed FMEA - Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

typically requires 2-3 months per wind farm

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P80 exploratory life analysis

designed to be fast

class B (<22%)

optimized for class B uncertainty

fast matching DD lead times

1 week per wind farm

detailed validated aeroelastic models

delivering life expectancy per component in a wind farm basis

delivering fast visualization of results

used in technical due diligences for M&A or refinancing or a high level scan of complete portfolios

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