nabla combines SCADA with physical models through its unique hybrid data analytics tool

lessons learned

pure data analytics tools do not match market expectations, therefore cannot predict failures that have not occurred before

they must provide independent and direct visibility to asset owners

nabla wind power is able to post-process the limited data owned by operators:

• limited in frequency:10 min samples (while OEMs have the rest)

• limited in channels and variables : especially in mature turbine models

solution based on knowledge

turbines are 95% physics, data analytics need to be linked with design criteria of the turbines

existing limited SCADA needs to be used in a more intelligent way, not only based on machine learning

nabla wind power bring an independent, easy to understand, transparent and multitechnology tool for active asset management

medical sector and smartdata solution

nabla wind power aproach is inspired in the medical sector, using specific conditions of the site instead of individuals, based on design characteristics instead of genetics, basing its assessments through periodic test analysis (SCADA and OEM track record analysis), creating baselines and KPIs for performance and structural health based on physical models for each unit, as for each individual

4 multi-level dashboards: revenues, health, life and extreme events in a single app for the fleet: independent (no OEM) and multitechnology

nabla smartdata is a 24/7 multi platform web based only on SCADA data available by operators

nabla independent aerolastic models allows understanding real turbines performance

KEY for structural monitoring of the turbine for predictive and condition based maintenance

extreme events monitoring

extreme loads monitoring can detect and prevent local damages on the components before they progress

identify and evaluate risks on the components associated to extreme wind conditions

components under risk are identified and an alarm is triggered to asset managers

immediate launch of containment, corrective and preventive actions when a risk is detected

life monitoring

monitoring life expectancy for each component

continuous flow of information, reducing uncertainty on results and supporting the launch of the investments

evaluating and plotting real time damage accumulation

monitoring life recovery due to implemented damage mitigation strategies

agile launch of containment, corrective and preventive actions when an uncontrolled source of life consumption is detected

advanced maintenance

from TTF (Time To Failure) to TTS (Time To Service)

providing direct inputs to O&M departments

accurate identification of the actions to be taken

based on site specific conditions and design criteria

best continuous online decision making platform

reducing costs and risks


High Quality Hybrid Data Analytics

merging nabla smartdata with high quality wind measurements

detailed wind measurements

real accurate wind measurements for precise asset monitoring provides a key uncertainty reduction in the performance measurements

allowing finest comparison between units of same platform in same wind farm and also between wind farms

nabla wind power and romowind's independent measurements ensure transparency and control for owners, enabling life extension, increasing AEP, improving WSM (Wind Sector Management) and correcting yaw misalignment

romowind iSpin

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